Ultimate Reverbnation Bot

Reverbnation play & view increaser bot !

Reverb bot is a reverbnation bot that will help you to increase plays & views of reverbnation songs and rank up your profile on top of the chart. Reverb bot is using dynamic algorithm to increase widget play, website play and social site's play of song. it will be the best promoting tool for artists and help to build targeted fans all over the world. Reverb bot is the ultimate tool for music promotional and marketing. Using reverb bot app is as easy as clicking few buttons. Try it for free !!!

Note: Windows computer is required to use this application

Just $15 for a limited time!

Reverb Bot Video Guide

Step by step guide of how to use reverb bot & how it work !! Have a look at this video

Reverb Bot Features

Multi Threaded

Reverb bot can add play/view to more than one song at a time and provides facility to set play limit & delay between plays.

Pure Socket Based

Reverb bot is Pure Socket Based Application (No Browser Integration) and runs smoothly with minimum system resource.

User Friendly & Safe

Reverb bot has a very user friendly & attractive application UI and its using the genuine & secure algorithm to deliver plays/views to songs.

Complete Stats Boost

Reverb bot also increase your profile's impression on website & brings you many fan following to your profile. So, its a complete stats booster app.

Inbuilt Proxy Tools

Reverb bot comes with integrated proxy checker tool and supports all types of proxies including HTTP(s), SOCKS4, SOCKS5 & PRIVATE Proxies.

Support & Update

You will get the quick support for any questions or query regarding the application. All the future updates are served quickly & automatically without any extra charge.

Reverb Bot Reviews

(Average 5 star with 6 votes & 6 reviews)

One of the best application for my rn need. i had tried many other application but this one is awesome and giving me the best result. I am totally satisfied with the application and price of application is nothing as per its powerful feature of adding views & plays.

( by JD.Burg )

best play added.. my full rating.. thanks

( by An Artist )

Amazing application.. it looks good and very very easy to use.. all you need to do is to put your profile link into app and rest will be managed by app.. i love it and using it since 6 month with no problem at all..

( by Frisky D )

Easy to use light weight app with powerful play adder and best support service that guided me through using application.

( by tom sherer )

i used trial on 1st day and on 2nd day i checked the result produced by app and its amazing. Than i immediately bough the app and its truly promising. looking forward for the nice future. thanks for team to provide this tool with relatively small price amount.

( by Jazz L )

With the use of this tiny app, i got enough engagement with other music lovers and it has added views really safely and nicely. recommended to all others looking for play adder app.

( by Rockband )


Check out all the commonly and frequently asked questions regarding application

  • Q. How do i install / update application ?


    You don't need to install application. You need to simply extract all the files from archive into one folder and can start using application by opening EXE file. On start, Application will automatically check for update and download it for you.

  • Q. Can i get help on how to use application and ask for new feature ?


    Yes. Using application is very easy. Just check out video guide on website but still if you have any query or help, you can contact us and we will help you. Yes we appreciate all new ideas to be added into application and if your idea is good than we try to add them into application.

  • Q. On howmany computer i can use application ? What happens if i change my computer ?


    Trial version will work only at single computer. But paid version will work on up to three computers depending on purchase package. You will get that information during payment process. If user change computer or haven't used application from computer since 1 month than it will be switched to new computer and user can start using application from there. Paid users can contact support for quick help regarding change of computer.

  • Q. Can i get help regarding resources required in application (like proxy & other services) ?


    Yes, we will help our customers in all the way and we will suggest one or more resources required by application for which we had tested our application.

  • Q. Is there any limitation on sending views/plays or using application ?


    No, there's not any limitation on using application. You are free to send as many plays/views as you want to any song using application.


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